Margarida Gaspar de Matos

Área de Investigação:  


Current professional positions

  • Full Professor at Faculty of Human Kinetics (FMH), University of Lisbon (from 2010 to 2013 Faculty of Human Kinetics belonged to Lisbon Technical University) – since 2010
  • University of Lisbon: Scientific Committee; PhD Sciences of Nursing (representing of FMH) – since 2016
  • University of Lisbon - F3: “Food, Farming and Forestry”: PhD Sciences of Sustainability (representing FMH) – since 2017
  • University of Lisbon: Institute of Environmental Health (ISAMB) / Medical School: Chair of G2 “Supportive environments” research group (a 50 elements research team covering different areas of social and physical impact of environment upon health) - since 2017
  • WHO/ Health Behaviour In School Aged Children ( – PI from Portugal – since 1986

Scientific and Advisory Boards

  • Board of Prevention and Intervention of EFPA [European Federation of Psychologists’ Association] - Chair – Board of Promotion and Prevention, in representation of Order of Portuguese Psychologists
  • Steering Committee of EUPHA/ CAPH (European Public Health Association/ Child and Adolescent Public Health) - Steering Committee
  • Programa de Conhecimento da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (Knowledge Program of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation]
  • Revista Portuguesa da Investigação do Comportamental e Social [Portuguese Journal of Behavioural and Social Research] - Reviewer
  • Revista de Psicologia da Criança e do Adolescente [Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychology] - Guest Editor
  • Revista Psicologia, Saúde & Doenças [Journal of Psychology, Health & Diseases] - Guest Editor and Editorial Consultant

Projects as PI (n = 24)

Coordinated several international networks in Portugal (TEMPEST, RICHE, KIDSCREEN, DICE, Y-SAV, HBSC/WHO) in the context European grants (7 th FW), MOCHA- H2020- Country agent Portugal

Several national grants (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Institute of Drugs and drug use ( IDT/now SICAD), Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal)

  • Health Behaviour in School-aged Children – European Network – PT Coordinator
  • Aventura Social, Etnicidade e Risco [Social Adventure, Ethnicity and Risk] - Coordinator
  • Project Vida sem Sida em Portugal [Life without HIV in Portugal] - Coordinator
  • EsCool – Training teachers and health professions on mental health issues – Scientific Coordinator
  • Comportamentos de Saúde dos Jovens Universitários Portugueses (HBSC/JunP) [Health Behaviors of Young Portuguese University Students] - Coordinator
  • Project Dream Teens: a voz dos jovens em discurso direto [Dream Teens: the Coordinator youth voice in direct speech] - Coordinator
  • Project Aventura Social No CED [Social Adventure in CED] - Coordinator
  • Project Exercício e risco de dependência em Health Clubs [Exercise and dependence risk in Health Clubs] - Coordinator
  • Project BePositive – PYD – Mundial Network of Positive Youth Development PT Coordinator
  • Project Kidscreen - Health Related Quality Of Life In Children - An EC Cross Sectional, Multi-Cultural Study - PT Coordinator
  • Project DICE - Drama Improves Lisbon Key Competences in Education - PT Coordinator
  • Project Peerdriveclean - A Peer Education Approach To A Safer Driving, Na EC Peer Education, Multi-Cultural Approach - PT Coordinator
  • Project TEMPEST – Help Youths Building - Competences To Resist Ambiental Temptations - PT Coordinator
  • Project RICHE- Putting Together Practices In The Area Of Mental Health With Children And Adolescents - PT Coordinator
  • Project Youths Sexual Violence - Putting together practices in the area of violence and sexual violence with children and adolescents.International - PT Coordinator
  • Project Aventura Social e Risco [Social Adventure and Risk] - Coordinator
  • Project Comportamentos de saúde em jovens - Rede Europeia Health – Coordinator
  • Behaviours in School aged Children/Organização Mundial de Saúde – Madeira [Health behaviours in School-aged Children – European Network Health Behaviour in School-aged Children/World Health Organization – Madeira, Portugal] - PT Coordinator
  • Project Aventura Social na Comunidade – Lisboa (Substances) [Social Adventure in Community] - Coordinator
  • Project Aventura Social e Inserção Sócio-laboral [Social Adventure and Socio-professional integration] - Coordinator
  • Project Aventura Social e Risco [Social Adventure and Risk] Coordinator Project Aventura Social e Saúde/Comportamentos de Saúde em Jovens de Lisboa [Health Behaviours in young of Lisbon, Portugal] - Coordinator
  • Project Comportamentos de Saúde ligados à sexualidade e à prevenção do HIV/SIDA [Health Behaviours related to sexuality and HIV prevention] - Coordinator
  • Project Aventura Social e Saúde: Gender Differences [Social Adventure and Health: Gender Differences] - Coordinator
  • Project Aventura Social na Comunidade – JF Stª Maria de Belém (substance use along the lifespan and community interventions) [Social Adventure in Community – Parish Council of Belém, Lisbon, Portugal] - Coordinator

Scientific articles: 264 (international) + 159 (national) = 423

Books: 11

Book chapters:123

H-index:39 (since 2014); 53 (total)